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THE PEOPLE'S CHAMP: Pierre Poilievre stood behind Canadians. O'Toole hesitated too long.

What's going on with Erin O'Toole? The leader of the conservative party has been flip-flopping over whether he will support the freedom convoy. Eventually, he did. By then, Canadians already saw the lack of support and made note of it. What we saw over the past few years is a scripted politician who agrees with some of Trudeau's insane ideology such as tax hikes for natural energy resources. The carbon tax was one of Trudeau's many blunders but O'Toole decided to get on the crazy train alongside him for the ride.

O'Toole is a puppet and you can clearly see that now. It wasn't so evident until Pierre Poilievre took a solid stand against the removal of natural rights and freedoms initiated by Trudeau at the beginning of Covid. One day O'Toole is unsure about supporting truckers and the next, he's fully on board.

O'Toole's delay tells a story. It's almost like he needed time to figure out which side would benefit him politically. Well, Canadians were disappointed. If you look at all the video footage of O'Toole lately, you will see how he doesn't mention much about Freedom. He always elaborates on supply chain shortages, which is also an important topic but somehow always avoids being put into the group of freedom-loving Canadians.

Why isn't O'Toole a freedom-loving Canadian? or at least acts like it? Well, he is an extremely politically motivated politician. He does not go outside the box on topics that may cause a disagreement with the rest of his constituents. It's almost as if he waits for a topic-popularity poll to be done in order to take his next stance....but by then, it's too late. Canadians noticed his hesitance and that right there was the deal breaker for most conservative followers.

Why is Pierre Polievre the best fit for Prime Minister? He's a smart man and has been involved with many political positions in his career. He's a logical intellect with the ability to relate with Canadians and their concerns.

Pierre Poilievre has served as Minister of Employment and Social Development, Minister of Democratic Reform and Minister Responsible for the National Capital Commission. He was also the Conservative Shadow Minister for Finance. - from Pierre's website.

He jumped right into the mix of the freedom convoy because he truly believes in Canadian freedom and frowns on overreaching government who believe the state should be the owners of all human beings in Canada. Yes, owners. Sounds insane but when the government orders us around like cattle, anyone in their right mind can see that this is the beginning of a new order that will enslave the population with mandatory vaccinations, mandates and further inhumane illegal behavior. Let's not forget the censorship laws Trudeau was tabling which would put the Liberals in charge of what online content is "acceptable". When you begin down the path of full population control, one should look outside the narrative and ask, why is my government trying to control me like this? Poilievre did not hesitate nor back down from any contender who backs irrational ideology which will hurt every Canadian family and small business alike.

Poilievre did not wait days to make a decision on whether to back freedom.That's why Canadians trust him. His powerful voice in parliament has made a difference...and we hope for more to come from him as the voice of Canadians.

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