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MY OPINION: Trudeau is the least trusted PM in Canadian history.

Trudeau praised everyone who obeyed him during the nationwide shutdown. He removed your freedom in order to curb a virus with a 99.7% overall survival rate. This sounds ridiculous and it truly is but the horrifying part about this all is that it took over 2 years for the people to finally speak up. Now, a majority of the praised heroes are now zeros. Wait, how does a hero turn into a horrible person overnight? Well, disobey King Trudeau. It's that simple. If you followed his illegal mandates without questioning it, you ended up in his good book. If you finally woke up and smelt the dying roses and want your freedom rightfully returned, well, you just turned yourself into a freedom-loving, misogynistic, racist who is threatening democracy.

Removing our freedom isn't legally permitted under any circumstance. Even If we were at war, the constitution and charter of rights and freedoms protect the citizens from massive government overreach. This arbitrary overreach is the reason why Canadians have had enough and no longer trust the government. Regardless of the illegal mandates, Canadians have shown their strength by the millions yet Mr. Trudeau refuses to let go of his vaccine passports and ridiculous mandates that follow communist science. Yes, there is a difference. Communist science is junk science. There is no backbone to the data. We call that "lying" in our modern society. Wearing 2 masks is commie science. Living in fear forever is commie science. Forcing children to wear masks has nothing to do with saving lives. It's about identifying those who obey. If you have a look outside, you will see citizens who walk outside with a mask and those who do not. Keep in mind, you can do whatever you want to your own body but wearing a mask outside by yourself may be a personal set-back that could cost you a lot of time, effort and energy. Before Covid began, you would see no one, I mean no one, outside with a mask by themselves. Mainstream media or the legacy media, has been brainwashing good citizens into doing ridiculous acts to keep themselves safe from a virus with a 99.7% survival rate. I personally have watched good people turn into crusty, sour human beings in such little time. Yes, I do blame the mainstream fake news media. I do. They have turned some of our neighbors into snitches while the government began dictating how many people are permitted into our own homes. Yes. government decided to overreach into our homes enforcing no-knock type police policies where they can enter your residence without a warrant or court order. They changed the laws to accommodate their agenda. This is also illegal. Imagine your entire social life getting crushed by a weasel and his minions on a mission to turn Canada into China. Too bad, Trudeau. We the people will always win over tyranny.

Why I don't trust Mr. Trudeau.

  1. 2 weeks turned into 2 years based on communist science.

  2. Gave the United Nations full control of our immigration system.

  3. When millions of people said STOP, he did not. He returned with harsher penalties and threats.

  4. Tries to force children to wear masks when the parents said NO. He tried to take control over your rights as a parent. He believes the state should own you.

  5. He's a massive narcissist and will not resign after putting this nation into record breaking debt that will take generations to pay off.

  6. He refuses to show up for work when the big topics that Canadians care about are brought to the table in parliament.

  7. He refuses to bargain with anyone who defies his communist science. His science is the law and the law is what he decides is right for his agenda.

  8. He's a big fan of China's dictatorship.

  9. He opened the borders for terrorists and rapists who slip into our society to commit more crimes.

  10. His open border policy is destroying Canada's unique culture and sovereignty.

I could go on for hours with this folks...

Just remember, any person who is willing to refuse you the right to govern your own body is just a weasel laying out rules for its prey.
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