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MY OPINION: Dictator Trudeau's "Emergency" is an authoritarian move against national freedom.

Dictator Trudeau has made the hostile move to use the strong-arm of the government to remove peaceful protesters who disagree with the authoritarian Liberal plan for vaccine passports and mandates. Millions of Canadians have backed the freedom convoy for past few weeks not only for the mandates but for the overall theft of their freedom and natural rights.

Trudeau, over the past few days, has demonstrated total anger towards Canadians who have come to the frontline to fight for their freedom back. They did not arrive angry. They arrived sharing peace and love but Trudeau and his media goons such as CBC (state media), Global News, and CTV News say different. These legacy media organizations appeared at the convoy in Ottawa with their fancy cameras filming the truckers. Somehow, probably out of mental retardation, these media orgs portrayed Canadians as dangerous and a risk to democracy. If we were to seize their camera footage, I could bet my entire bank savings that there would be nothing incriminating to show. No buildings were lit on fire, not one arm was thrown towards a soul. Why would the media obviously lie about these fine folks? Well, Trudeau needs to divide the country. Division works in undeveloped nations with poor leadership but why are we seeing this type of action taken towards Canadians? Because a divided nation is an unstable one requiring a dictator to make those decisions. What Trudeau doesn't understand is that Canadians are smarter than that. We see through the bullshit because it's clear as day. Some Canadians are blinded by Trudeau's fancy socks and enjoy the spread of money from the taxpayers. It really makes sense now. All the media liars out there are out in the open and in return, we don't even watch their media anymore. Canadians are being lied to and we don't accept that anymore. We call them "news agencies" but really we should be calling them chief propagandists for the Liberal Party of Canada.

Emergency? Doesn't even begin to appear that way at all. Trudeau has been name calling everyone who opposes him and calls on them to stand down and give up the fight against tyranny. Invoking an emergency war measures act doesn't seem to match up with the activity Trudeau claims is currently ongoing. This is a political emergency. Trudeau sees that the people no longer want to be controlled and is angrily running towards them with weapons of fear, overreaching law, threats, unjustifiable military-like aggressive tactics. This tactic is primarily used for major national security threats such as terrorism, foreign invasions, and national participation in global wars...which should not be used on peaceful human beings demanding for their freedom back.

As soon as we began asking for our freedom back, Trudeau made millions of enemies along the way demanding that his authoritarian power must be obeyed...when in fact every single person attending the events in Ottawa are there for the removal of said powers. Instead, he decided to double down and hammer Canadians with more sanctions which lawyers claim are illegal, and unjustified. Canada is slowly being groomed into a communist-like scenario with King Trudeau as the man in charge of your body, your life, and your freedom. We won't let that happen, will we?

Emergencies Act works awesome for dictators who can now do the following.

  • Seize your money in your own personal bank account.

  • Seize your vehicles or property.

  • Takeover your company operations.

  • Force you to work under their direct supervision.

  • Target and investigate peaceful protesters and seize their money without a court order.

  • Imprison you if you disobey unlawful orders.

  • Classify citizens are terrorists.

  • Destroy their political opposition.

  • Monitor your phone, and all personal information.

  • Arrest you if you disobey federal orders.

  • Buying a coffee for a trucker = Prison.

  • Supporting peaceful protesters

Trudeau supports BLM. They are a domestic terrorist group who caused $BILLIONS$ in property damage due to fires and explosives. But peaceful protesters in Canada is a massive problem....for a dictator.


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