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As the trucker convoy for FREEDOM descends on Ottawa, Trudeau runs from the public.

Updated: Jan 31

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been slowly removing the rights and freedoms of Canadians over the past two years during the Covid-19 hysteria produced by Liberal supporting media organizations like CTV news, Global News, and taxpayer funded CBC. Trudeau and other authoritarian Premiers have been hard at work hacking away the shield of protection that protects the citizens from overreaching government.

The Prime Minister and his corrupt unelected health reps responsible for the unjustified orders are not being held accountable for the unnecessary deaths and complete utter social destruction their mandates have caused. Trudeau posted a video recently claiming we need to continue to fear a virus with a 99.7% survival rate and that we need to remain masked until his fraudulent "science" feels it is safe enough to remove them.

Trudeau's Science: Science means do what I tell you. Parallel with President Sleepy Joe Biden's mandates, their science does not actually have any factual data that supports lockdowns and removal of essential rights and freedoms. What Canadians really see is an administration looking to build powerful pillars of control. Trudeau did admit during the beginning of his reign of terror in politics that he did admire China's basic dictatorship because "it gets things done." What this man doesn't remember is how Canada was created long ago with intentions of it operating like a free country. The people of Canada are a friendly kind of people that do not need to be treated like prisoners in their own home...but Trudeau and his soldiers completely believe in holding us hostage in our own homes.

Why is Trudeau Running? It is quite obvious why Trudeau is running from the public. Not because 50,000 dangerous criminals like truckers and peaceful protesters are descending on Ottawa, but because Trudeau refuses to communicate with the majority of Canadians who are not complying with his dangerous Communist-like mandates which are destroying the lives of our children and local businesses. Trudeau went public and told the world that these concerned citizens are terrorists and separatists. Trudeau slams and labels anyone who disobeys his orders as "criminals". As soon as Trudeau heard about the convoy, he posted a social media comment regarding coming into contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19. I'd like to know who in his entourage tested positive. Shouldn't we be able to get this information? the Covid-19 tracking apps have been following you around for years now...but that information is classified under the famous Trudeau transparency policy. Quite laughable. But rules for thee but none for me reigns supreme in the Liberal Party. So even though Trudeau tested negative for Covid-19, he still came into contact with someone who was infected so to show good public relations, he decided to follow the Ottawa guidelines for health... which means he gets a 5 day vacation at home. I'm sure he'll be on the phone with George Soros asking for guidance on how to defeat the trucker convoy. I doubt that any plan he rakes up won't change anything because the true power of the people will be demonstrated until he is forced to make a decision to obey the will of the people.

Canadians are demanding to have their freedom restored. Trudeau says it's an unacceptable view.

"They hold unacceptable views": Canadians would apologize if they could but this time there's no room for "sorry". Demanding freedom from a dictator hungry for power is not an easy task. Once these tyrants gain power, they never give it back. This is clear within our history not only in Canada but globally. If my freedom isn't essential then why was the creation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms created? why did we design a detailed constitution? Trudeau wants to abolish any rights Canadians have. Do we live in China all of a sudden? Trudeau believes we do. Let's not forget his allegiance with the Chinese dictator in the past where he refused to denounce the Uyghurs being kept in China in filthy concentration camps. Chinese "democracy" does not work in Canada where we do not believe in brute force to control the population. If freedom is unacceptable, than what is really going on here?

Canadians see what Trudeau's intentions are.

  1. Removing freedom of choice.

  2. Abolishing freedom of expression and opinion.

  3. Mobility rights limited.

  4. Halting our ability to think for ourselves.

  5. Youtube censorship.

  6. Open borders to destroy sovereignty.

  7. Changing voting laws to benefit the Liberals in order to keep power forever.

  8. Authoritarian powers to control you.

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